What is wrong with the Georgia Bulldogs Football Team?!?

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University of Georgia mascot UGA

Yes I was at the horrible display by the University of Georgia football team at the Georgia Dome on Saturday night with 74,000+ other mostly UGA fans vs Boise St.  During the current downturn in the program and being a season ticket holder I have noticed as has everyone else around us that the offensive play calling is horrendous.  Last night we had examples over and over again.  The worst occurred after the dawgs had driven down the field approximately 50 yards using the I formation with 2 tight ends.  We were moving the ball with ease and the TEs appeared to be causing match-up problems with the LBs and DBs of Boise St.   We then go back to the shotgun with 1 back and manage to dig ourselves into a 3rd and 16 hole. 

With the way the pass rush had been all night and knowing that out of the I formation we were causing mismatches with our great TEs would you run out of the shotgun again?

Georgia Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo
Mike Bobo needs to stop calling plays.

Probably not but our horrible OC, Mike Bobo the Clown, decides this is the perfect time for a draw!!  Even before the ball was snapped I heard at least 3 people around our seats say I hope he isn’t running that damn draw again.  Sure enough we run the draw and get about 8 yards which leaves us 8 years short.  The sad thing about this is a few rows around me there were 3 people and myself saying don’t run the draw Bobo.  There was probably a good few thousand that were saying the same thing around the Dome.  The Defensive coordinator for Boise St was surely laughing in his booth saying to his other coaches watch predictable Bobo run the draw again.

Richt made some changed in the off season but one major change that has been needed is the demotion of Bobo from play calling duty.  Let him keep the OC title, QB coach and recruit but we need someone who can call plays.  I don’t know if Bobo freezes up and the draw is his default play when he can’t think of something but it is killing the team and a change must be made or Richt is having Bobo dig his grave at UGA.


  • Keith Hanson

    The sideline pass that Bobo continues to call is beyond belief. This is a junior varsity play that signals to all of Georgia’s opponents that we don’t have the experience needed. This play cost Georgia in the loss to Michigan State when the game was over for all at OC.